Befestigungsklammer für eine Anzeigetafel

Display panel mounting clip

Pince de fixation pour un panneau d'affichage


This disclosure relates to a clip (80) for mounting display panels (21-26) upon display frames, particularly portable display frames of the self-locking type, the mounting clip (80) including a clip body (81) having a plurality of arms (83), a sleeve (100) on each arm (83), each sleeve (100) carrying a hook-like projection (102) for entering an opening (0) of an associated display panel (21-26) and a spring (110) connected to the sleeves (100) for drawing the sleeves (100) toward a center (82) of the clip body (81) whereby the projections (102) exert a tensioning force upon an associated display panel (21-26) holding the same in position thereupon and in accurate registration with adjacent associated display panels (21-26).




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