Process for melt spinning acrylonitrile polymer hydrates

Verfahren zum Schmelzspinnen hydratierter Acrylnitrilpolymerisate

Procédé pour le filage au fondu de polymères hydratés d'acrylonitrile


The melt spinning of acrylonitrile polymer hydrates is improved when the polymer used contains at least 91 % by weight acrylonitrile units and up to 9 % by weight of one or more copolymeric units and has an intrinsic viscosity of 0.6-2, 7-23 µ eq./g. enolizable groups after mild acid treatment, 15-70 µ eq./g thioether ends derived from a water insoluble mercaptan and less than 3 µ eq./g. oxidizable hydrolysis fragments.




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