Miniature magnetic tape cassette for video recording - restrains spool movement by inserts with damping material on surfaces

Magnetbandkassette fuer ein videobandaufnahmegeraet


A miniature magnetic type video cassette (10) is loaded into an adaptor for use in a standard format video recorder. The cassette has a spool (26) with a flange having gear teeth that engage the drive to transfer tape from one spool (22) to the other. The second spool is free to move sideways in the housing and the flange (24a) is prevented from colliding with the driven spool by a pair of inserts (42, 44). The inserts are cylindrical and locate on pins in the base, Adial projections (42b) are faced with damping material to absorb any contact impact. Prevents damage to wheel hubs flanges when subjected to impact.




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