Schnellkupplung fuer chirurgische instrumente


A quick coupling makes it possible to connect and disconnect surgical instruments with holding devices, extensions, etc. without the need for complicated manipulation. The quick coupling consists of an insert pin (1) with at least one recess (5) in its peripheral surface, a housing (8) with an insert opening (9) for the insert pin, a locking body (16) which is held in the wall of the housing so that it can be displaced radially but non axially and which is aligned with the recess when the insert pin is inserted. A slider (18) is mounted on the housing so that it can slide between two end positions. In a first end position, the slider rests against the locking body and pushes it inward over the inner wall of the insert opening and into the latter and in a second end position frees the path of the locking body so that the latter is pushed radially outward until it no longer penetrates the insert opening.




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