Brikettierung von tonmehlgemengen mit zusaetzen auf walzenpressen mit formmulden und verarbeitung dieser briketts zur errichtung von wasserdichten sperrschichten

Briquetting of clay powder mixtures with additives on roll presses with mould cavities and processing of these briquettes to create water-impermeable barrier layers


The invention relates to the production of egg-shaped or cushion-like mouldings on the basis of clay powder alone and with additives of a hydraulic or chemical and/or mineral type. The shaping and compacting of the mixture takes place on roll presses with mould cavities to form briquettes. In application, the briquettes produced are used as free-flowing and pourable material in mining, well construction, drilling engineering and for landfill sites. In such cases, they are introduced into existing voids or cavities, react with existing or added water and, after swelling, form impermeable barrier layers.




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