Metering reservoir



The invention relates to a metering reservoir (1), capable of being inserted into a washing machine, for receiving and dispensing a laundry-treatment liquid (12), with a filling orifice (6) and with at least one closable dispensing orifice (16) which, if appropriate, coincides with the filling orifice (6) and which opens as a function of the temperature changes in the tub, and has the set object of providing a storage reservoir of the relevant generic type in a functionally reliable design simpler in terms of production, in which conditioning no longer requires an extraneous medium (gas), but needs only the wash-specific factor of the temperature change. This is achieved by means of at least one non-return valve (RV) for reducing an overpressure in the reservoir container (1) and a slide valve (SV) which can be moved into its opening position as a result of underpressure in the reservoir container (1). <IMAGE>




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