Apparatus for purifying the air in rooms

Geraet zur reinigung der luft in raeumen


Apparatus for purifying the air in occupied rooms by removing dust particles and odour particles by means of a filter through which air flows. The essentially cylindrical shell (12) is provided with a bottom (13) and a cover (14) in the entire casing surface (14) of which are arranged air intake orifices (15), uniformly distributed, having at least one exchangeable cylindrical air filter (26, 27), coaxially arranged in the interior (16) thereof, and an axial fan (17) driven by an electric motor (18) arranged in the centre of the shell (12) coaxial thereto, which fan is arranged beneath the air outlet orifice (14) for the purified air in the shell cover (22) and, if required, is connected to this orifice via a pipe connection piece or shaft (23). <IMAGE>




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