A multi -functional quick -witted case for resistance winding machine



The utility model discloses a multi -functional quick -witted case for resistance winding machine, the positive from the top down of box is upper plate, medium plate and hypoplastron in proper order, and the box is located to the equal pivot of medium plate and hypoplastron, and the middle part of upper plate is equipped with the opening no. 1 that is used for exporting finished product resistance, four corner belows of the bottom surface of box are equipped with universal wheel, base angle and adjusting bolt, the inside of box is equipped with the last baffle that is located the top surface below, be located lower baffle and both ends below the baffle installs respectively at last baffle valve class connecting plate and driver connecting plate on the baffle under and, the utility model discloses a machine case, medium plate and hypoplastron can overhaul the winding displacement of box inside and the part of installation through opening and shutting, set up universal wheel and base angle through the bottom surface at the box, convenient box's removal is with fixed, through set up baffle, lower baffle, valve class connecting plate and driver connecting plate in the box, make things convenient for the installation of valve class, driver and each device.




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