Healthy warning light



The utility model discloses a suggestion response lamp, including suggestion response lamp and monitoring response wrist -watch, suggestion response lamp includes white light wick, alternating light ring, bluetooth receiving arrangement, suggestion response lamp chip control module, signal conversion module and music play device, monitoring response wrist -watch includes watchband, the table body, display, induction system, bluetooth emitter, power module and monitoring wrist -watch chip control module, bluetooth receiving arrangement is connected with suggestion response lamp chip control module, and suggestion response lamp chip control module is connected with the signal conversion module, induction system is connected with monitoring wrist -watch chip control module, and bluetooth emitter passes through the wire with monitoring wrist -watch chip control module and is connected, suggestion response lamp passes through bluetooth communicate with with monitoring response wrist -watch. The utility model discloses the response warning light has convenient to carry, and easy operation is visual strong, and it is accurate to detect, the high characteristics of the intelligent degree of product, popularization and application that can be extensive.




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