Electric torch


  • Inventors: YAN RUIHAN
  • Assignees: 闫瑞函
  • Publication Date: September 23, 2015
  • Publication Number: CN-204664905-U


The utility model relates to an electric torch has that the illumination zone is wide, convenient to carry and when having the storing, take one's bearings and seeing, the function of timing etc. The utility model discloses an electric torch body, the electric torch body comprises major light head and handle, and its structural feature is: all be provided with radial supplementary lamp holder in the both sides of major light head rear side, handle, be provided with three switch on the handle, three switch link to each other with three lamp holder respectively, the handle side radially is provided with the muffetee, the muffetee constitute by left side cover and right side cover, continuous through pasting the adhesive tape between left side cover and the right side cover, the handle rear portion can be dismantled and is connected with the storage tank, link to each other through dovetail and forked tail piece between storage tank and the handle, be provided with the USB interface on the handle, the compass has been inlayed in handle rear portion side, has inlayed the electronic watch on the storage tank, all scribble phosphor powder on the pointer of compass and electronic watch, be provided with the charging plug on the end of handle, corresponding charging plug is provided with the key that slides out in handle rear portion side.




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