Novel compound aluminium -plastic panel ornamental material of multilayer


  • Inventors: CAI FENGTANG
  • Assignees: 蔡凤堂
  • Publication Date: September 23, 2015
  • Publication Number: CN-204662828-U


The utility model discloses a novel compound aluminium -plastic panel ornamental material of multilayer, including high -purity aluminum plate, resin conformal coating, the low density polyethylene core, the waterproof anticreep 3M sponge gum layer of import high viscosity, its characterized in that: make the aluminium -plastic panel with two -layer high -purity aluminum plate and one deck low density polyethylene core through the compound technology of plastic -aluminum, then set up technology effect and surperficial colors such as mosaic technology effect, grain technology effect on the aluminium -plastic panel, set up surperficial resin conformal coating, set up the waterproof anticreep 3M sponge gum layer of imported high viscosity at last and constitute a novel compound aluminium -plastic panel ornamental material of multilayer. The utility model discloses aluminium -plastic panel ornamental material is luxurious, gorgeous colorful, individualized strong, the weatherability is good, intensity is high, construction is convenient, the nature that gives sound insulation and fire behavior is good, plasticity is good, resistant striking, can alleviate that building load, shockproof nature are good, no dust contamination's characteristics in the change procedure. And the shortage of the prior art is overcome.




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