Energy -concerving and environment -protective type woollen blanket compliance processing apparatus



The utility model relates to a woollen blanket processing field, in particular to energy -concerving and environment -protective type woollen blanket compliance processing apparatus. Including a stand, be equipped with horizontal reel and pivot in the grudging post, the reel passes through the belt to be connected with power device, has twined connection cloth on the reel, connecting cloth and taking in the pivot, the front end of connecting cloth is equipped with the district that bonds, and the district that bonds with the woollen blanket, the upper end of grudging post still is equipped with the support, prop up the shelf location shower nozzle, the shower nozzle passes through the hose connection container, the splendid attire has the softener in the container. The utility model discloses a consumption that water resource and softener had been saved to mode that the shower nozzle sprays from the softener to the woollen blanket face has improved resource utilization rate greatly, this kind of mode that increases the compliance can not produce sewage, can not exert an influence to the environment, a large amount of manpowers have been saved in high, the flowing water operation of being convenient for of degree of automation of woollen blanket softening in -process.




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