Restorability is controller for car



The utility model discloses a restorability is controller for car, include: knob, knob support, cyclic annular piece, spring, base and the cable carousel of contracting of bursting, knob and knob support are fixed to be cup jointed, and burst and contract between spring housing outer edge that lies in the runing rest on the barrel of knob support and the base endless groove, the through -hole that the base was passed for transmission arm in knob support lower part stretches into in the cylindricality slotted hole of cable carousel. Burst when contracting, knob promotes the routed spring that contracts of runing rest compression to the lower part slip of cable carousel, the back is eliminated to pressure, bursts to contract spring force and promote runing rest and knob upward movement up to knob butt to instrument face plate. Beneficial effect: 1 )Routed spring force automatic recovery to the virgin state that contracts of back dependence that contracts but the knob takes place to burst, 2 )Any part is not damaged to the knob ulcerate process of contracting, practices thrift the trouble that the cost just saved replacement parts.




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