Flexible agitating unit of top income formula



The utility model provides a flexible agitating unit of top income formula, relates to the stirring field. The utility model provides a current agitating unit stir when liquid level changes the availability not high with the stirring inefficiency, influence the problem that stirs the quality. A flexible agitating unit of top income formula, it includes a mixing bowl, stirring rake, stirring from driving wheel, stirring action wheel and belt, the stirring action wheel is connected with agitator motor, the bottom of a mixing bowl is equipped with the constant head tank, the lateral wall of a mixing bowl is equipped with liquid level induction device, the stirring rake is including the outer axle of stirring, telescopic paddle, locating lever and movable rod, telescopic paddle is the range of " 8 " style of calligraphy by preceding oar pole and back oar pole to constitute, be equipped with the increased pressure board on the oar pole of telescopic paddle, be equipped with the bell mouth on the increased pressure board, the top and the cylinder of movable rod are connected. The utility model discloses a stirring rake is realized and follows the self -adjusting purpose of liquid level no matter the liquid level rises and descend, all can realize even stirring, stirs efficiency and improves greatly to the telescopic paddle of " 8 " style of calligraphy.




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