Apparatus for preparing it cooks to evaporate sweet potato of potato fruit



Apparatus for preparing it cooks to evaporate sweet potato of potato fruit relates to the processing machinery of a pure natural sweet potato food. Including the pot body, pot cover, establish the stabilizer blade in pot body lower part, the steam pipe, its special character lies in the pot internal be equipped with ventilative can put into, take out contain the potato frame, the end and the distance of contain end of potato frame of the pot body to guarantee to contain the ponding contact that sweet potato in the potato frame can not be internal with the pot, perhaps a pot end of personally experiencing sth. Part of the body be provided with and prevent the ponding device, pot cover and the cooperation of the pot body to guarantee to cook in the pot and be close to the ordinary pressure and cook, evaporate to the sweet potato well -donely and till not ftractureing. The sweet potato is not run off in the in -process nutrition of cooking, and the sweet potato is evaporated by the institute does not have half -cooked and fracture phenomenon, and the sweet potato fruit food feel of the sweet potato of cooking out preparation is soft unanimous, but the hand pinch be out of shape, the surface is smooth, clearly lucid and lively, the color and luster is sparkling and crystal -clear, the meat becomes transparent or translucent form, the sugariness is high, the taste is sweet, purely.




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