Novel lampblack absorber light structure



The utility model provides a novel lampblack absorber light structure, holding chamber on includes the bottom plate and locates it, bottom plate rear are provided with the safety cover of installation lamps and lanterns, the front end of safety cover be provided with the opening can with holding chamber butt joint, the glass cover is installed to the opening of safety cover, is provided with stop device on the bottom plate and fixes the glass cover on the bottom plate, is provided with connecting device between bottom plate and the safety cover and is one wholly with both fixed connection of the aforesaid. The beneficial effects of the utility model are that: 1 the utility model has the advantages of simple structure, equipment convenience, low in production cost, market competition is strong. 2, the panel is whole to be covered at floor surfaces, consequently can effectively guarantee the wholeness of the lamps and lanterns outward appearance, simultaneously, because the surperficial clean and tidy health of lampblack absorber so the will not gathers the dirt, is convenient for keep by nullity joint line between panel and bottom plate. 3, adopt the surfacing to be connected for one whole between panel and bottom plate, firm in connection is reliable, and the production and processing conveniently and the high efficiency.




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