Sealing washer and use release bearing subassembly and car of sealing washer



The utility model relates to a sealing washer and use release bearing subassembly and car of sealing washer, sealing washer include body and lip, and the lip is provided body one side, and the junction of body and lip is provided with the excessive section of arc, and the lip radius vector is extended to the outside makes the opening grow gradually of sealing washer. The release bearing subassembly includes bearing jump ring and sliding sleeve about, the bearing about through the jump ring hookup be provided with the sealing washer between sliding sleeve and bearing on the tip of sliding sleeve, the body interference ground of sealing washer cup joints the tip at the sliding sleeve, the lip and the outer lane inner wall clearance fit of sealing washer. The sealing washer effectively reduces raceway oil and fat and external impurity and dust and flows each other via the clearance between inner circle and sliding sleeve to promote the stability in use of release bearing subassembly, prolong its life. The release bearing subassembly has that the quality is light, production and assembly process is simple, dustproof and grease proofing seepage characteristics such as functional, can use on parts such as automobile engine widely.




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