Dustproof joint bearing of knee



The utility model discloses a dustproof joint bearing of knee, including the outer lane, sphere through -hole in the outer lane front end is provided with, on the outer lane the concentric locking collar is equipped with the spherical outside surface inner circle in the interior sphere through -hole, outer lane front end one side cover be equipped with with the outer lane with spherical outside surface inner circle matched with dirt proof boot, spherical outside surface inner circle opposite side is provided with the threaded rod. The utility model discloses the whole assembly of institute's bearing steel material of selecting for use is accurate, more effective its life that has lengthened of self -contained complete dirt proof boot. The beneficial effect of the utility model: by the effect of dirt proof boot, effectual when having prevented mechanical operation dust or muddy water and weeds enter into between spherical outside surface inner circle and the outer lane to simple structure, convenient operation and long service life, and then make this kind of dustproof joint bearing of knee possess more wide development space.




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