Car trunk pad


  • Inventors: DING MINGCAI
  • Assignees: 丁明才
  • Publication Date: September 16, 2015
  • Publication Number: CN-204641599-U


The utility model relates to a car articles for use field, specifically speaking relates to a car trunk pad. Including filling up the body, it bordures to have made up the pad body in the outer fringe of the pad body, fill up the body for three layer construction, including the knitting cotton flannel layer of the wear -resisting leather layer of top surface, bottom surface with press from both sides at wear -resisting leather layer and the intermediary spongy layer in knitting cotton flannel layer its characterized in that: it is provided with and fills up as an organic whole and the baffle that can free fold of body coupling to fill up body front end. The utility model discloses an advantage: 1, fill up body front end be provided with can the fold the baffle, the baffle can block in the filths infiltration car cars such as sand in the trunk, mud, water to the cleanliness that enables in the car car can keep, 2, fill up the body and baffle and all constitute by wear -resisting leather layer, spongy layer and knitting cotton flannel layer, have the stronger rub resistance and skid resistance, also be applicable to the cushion when picnicing as outing.




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