Ramie comber is with synthesizing dust collector



The utility model relates to a ramie comber is with synthesizing dust collector, including frame, the frame that removes dust, mouth, return air inlet, water smoke generating device and fan spray, wherein remove dust and put up the linking arm and is connected with the frame, water smoke generating device and fan all lie in the frame, remove dust the frame including crossbeam and stand, its middle cross beam is at least two, the stand is perpendicular with the crossbeam respectively in addition, spray mouthful and the return air inlet respectively the equipartition spray mouthful in addition by air duct and water smoke generating device intercommunication on corresponding crossbeam, the return air inlet is in addition by tuber pipe and fan intercommunication, the fan passes through the tuber pipe in addition and the dust bag feeds through, the dust bag is installed in the frame in addition. The utility model discloses an aspect can be effectual the suppression dust fly upward and spread and carry out timely effectual recovery to the dust after restraining, the electrostatic effect of on the other hand in also can effectual reduction production environment to avoided between dust and ramie stripes and the adsorption between ramie stripes and ramie stripes, avoided dust contamination and ramie stripes to take place the adhesion phenomenon because of static.




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