Frying pan with end pot ware


  • Inventors: ZHOU XIN
  • Assignees: 周欣
  • Publication Date: September 16, 2015
  • Publication Number: CN-204635963-U


The utility model relates to a frying pan with end pot ware comprises the pot body, handle, end pot ware. Its characterized in that: the anti -skidding line of cylinder is provided with at the upper end outside border of the pot body, the handle of cylinder is provided with in pot one end physically, swing joint's end pot ware is provided with at the upper end border of the pot body. End pot ware has a handle of a U bodily form, is provided with N bodily form centre gripping groove at the lower extreme of handle, be provided with the fixed ball of spheroid shape respectively on an opening part inner wall in centre gripping groove, width A between the fixed ball is 2 millimeters bigger than the whole thickness B of the pot body and anti -skidding line. The beneficial effects of the utility model are that: adopt end pot ware, increase the both ends atress of frying pan, just only can accomplish the stir -fry of turning over of vegetable with very little strength, rotatory class of stir -fry system mode, it carries out daily fried dish, stewed dish to be applicable to little woman of hand strength and child, reduces the intensity of labour of a large amount of vegetables of cook preparation, also has the cooking of the shortening time, improves the advantages such as work efficiency of cooking the meal.




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