Cell -phone shell with charging function



The utility model relates to an electron battery charging outfit, in particular to cell -phone shell with charging function. A cell -phone shell with charging function includes upper cover, drain pan, fixed plate, be provided with the electronics mainboard on the fixed plate, be provided with battery, boost circuit, transmitting coil, protection circuit on the electronics mainboard, drain pan department is provided with USB interface, switch key to cover on, and is provided with the display screen. The utility model discloses a switch key that the upper cover entangles the cell -phone, plays the guard action and the pleasing to the eye effect that improves the outward appearance, and battery in the fixed plate provides the electric energy covered on, is opened, and boost circuit improves its voltage, and rethread transmitting coil transmission electromagnetic signal makes the cell -phone receive the electromagnetic signal and just can carry out wireless charging, the display screen of upper cover show battery power less than the time USB interface on the drain pan can charge to the battery, the utility model discloses long -pending charging function and protective housing function in an organic whole, simple structure, convenient and practical does not increase the counter weight, convenient to carry.




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