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US-5277318-A: Apparatus for removing contamination from low density particulate materials patent, US-5550208-A: Polycondensation process patent, US-5653832-A: Applicator for filaments patent, US-5710835-A: Storage and retrieval of large digital images patent, US-6027885-A: Method for electrochemiluminescent labeling of nucleic acid, use in detection, and compositions therefor patent, US-6228510-B1: Coating and method for minimizing consumption of base material during high temperature service patent, US-6428663-B1: Preventing defect generation from targets through applying metal spray coatings on sidewalls patent, US-6744926-B1: System and method to compress image data using fixed and variable length compression patent, US-5195868-A: Heat shield for a compressor/stator structure patent, US-5334005-A: Compacting apparatus patent, US-5335149-A: Method and apparatus for holding a light on a boat patent, US-5534252-A: Two stage method for the protection of lumber against sapstain patent, US-5824837-A: Expression of human interleukin-1β in a transgenic animal patent, US-6253086-B1: Adaptive frequency planning in a cellular network patent, US-6395653-B1: Semiconductor wafer with crystal lattice defects, and process for producing this wafer patent, US-6421658-B1: Efficient implementation of typed view hierarchies for ORDBMS patent, US-6579568-B2: Copper foil for printed wiring board having excellent chemical resistance and heat resistance patent, US-6663904-B2: Shelf-stable soft pretzel patent, US-6730498-B1: Production of functional proteins: balance of shear stress and gravity patent, US-6772299-B2: Method and apparatus for caching with variable size locking regions patent, US-4919505-A: Infrared thermometer with fiber optic remote pickup patent, US-5048657-A: Centrifugal clutch with vibration dampening means patent, US-5908878-A: High consistency platinum cure elastomer having improved physical properties for fluid handling applications patent, US-6229048-B1: Helianthrone derivatives as anti-cancer agents patent, US-6481781-B2: Hardtop vehicle roof patent, US-6608811-B1: Structure with magnetic properties patent, US-4916445-A: Obstruction proximity indication system for an aircraft patent, US-5021318-A: Process for forming secure images patent, US-5165950-A: Microwave expandable half product and process for its manufacture patent, US-5819625-A: Double bevel table saw patent, US-5979794-A: Two-part stream dispensing for high viscosity materials patent, US-6441086-B1: Silicone rubber patent, US-4704226-A: Process for thickening aqueous solutions patent, US-4879424-A: Conversion of alkanes to gasoline patent, US-5020621-A: Electric motor powered skateboard with integral brakes patent, US-5214327-A: Programmable logic device and storage circuit used therewith patent, US-5860088-A: Method for extraction of a variable length record from fixed length sectors on a disk drive patent, US-5927769-A: Kid's safety latch patent, US-6336220-B1: Protective element patent, US-6376636-B1: Modular, energy-dissipating material and method for using it patent, US-6386011-B1: Adjustable cut off apparatus for elongated articles having varying degrees of sweep patent, US-6399465-B1: Method for forming a triple well structure patent, US-6751181-B1: Recording and/or reproducing device for disks patent, US-4990432-A: Silver halide photographic light-sensitive material having a reflective base and an antihalation layer having a specified thickness patent, US-5397741-A: Process for metallized vias in polyimide patent, US-6223936-B1: Device for dispensing fluids patent, US-6413580-B1: Method and device for applying powder on mobile sections of printing sheets patent, US-6417459-B1: Printed circuit board, and prepreg for a printed circuit board patent, US-5373160-A: Remote hazardous air pullutants monitor patent, US-5446751-A: Optoelectronic device patent, US-5925962-A: Electric motor commutator patent, US-6488570-B1: Method relating to a polishing system having a multi-phase polishing layer patent, US-4814200-A: Method for restoring painted surface patent, US-4848600-A: Self closing dispensing valve patent, US-6274419-B1: Trench isolation of field effect transistors patent, US-4877150-A: Disposable container patent, US-6317973-B1: Method for discriminating the kind or type of printed circuit board to selectively set the mounting process therefore patent, US-4775886-A: Apparatus for performing a plurality of editing processes according to a predetermined order of priority while recording a composite image patent, US-6337324-B1: Pharmaceutical combination patent, US-5218798-A: Exterior insulation facing system patent, US-5815252-A: Biometric identification process and system utilizing multiple parameters scans for reduction of false negatives patent, US-5045387-A: Rewettable polyolefin fiber and corresponding nonwovens patent, US-5674676-A: HCV peptide antigens and method of determining HCV patent, US-5985918-A: Zinc-based antiirritant creams patent, US-6242020-B1: Calcium complexes for fortification of foods patent, US-5475267-A: Multilayer interconnection structure for a semiconductor device patent, US-6694517-B1: Broadband communication network with low power addressable tap system for controlling subscriber access patent, US-4914160-A: Deuteration of unsaturated polymers and copolymers patent, US-6646549-B2: Emergency call network and system with graphical user interface patent, US-5620607-A: Filtering fluidized bed reactor patent, US-5088507-A: Apparatus for assembling components of a smoking article patent, US-5793241-A: High speed active op-amp clamp patent, US-6427770-B2: 4 zone heating or air conditioning unit for a motor vehicle patent, US-5960376-A: Moving object controller containing a differential of acceleration measurer patent, US-6294048-B1: Method for regenerating sodium hydroxide by partial autocausticizing sodium carbonate containing smelt by reaction with a borate patent, US-5534159-A: Portable wastewater treatment method patent, US-5930608-A: Method of fabricating a thin film transistor in which the channel region of the transistor consists of two portions of differing crystallinity patent, US-6103660-A: Method of depositing catalytically active components on high-surface area support materials patent, US-5401817-A: Olefin polymerization using silyl-bridged metallocenes patent, US-5661611-A: Thin film actuated mirror array and method for the manufacture thereof patent, US-6234345-B1: Transportation vending machine patent, US-5061458-A: Decontamination apparatus for environmental protection patent, US-6033847-A: InK4c-p18 and InK4d-p19, inhibitors of cyclin-dependent kinases CDK4 and CDK6, and uses thereof patent, US-6538334-B2: High density flip chip memory arrays patent, US-5074567-A: Modified one piece labyrinth seal patent, US-5959945-A: System for selectively distributing music to a plurality of jukeboxes patent, US-5417337-A: Reusable and re-collapsible container and associated cap patent, US-5661001-A: High molecular weight desulphatohirudin patent, US-6765086-B2: Self-aligning peptides modeled on human elastin and other fibrous proteins patent, US-6409457-B1: Work vehicle patent, US-5480457-A: Method for bleaching textiles patent, US-6331289-B1: Targeted diagnostic/therapeutic agents having more than one different vectors patent, US-6166302-A: Modified Bacillus thuringiensis gene for lepidopteran control in plants patent, US-5683694-A: Method for the treatment of tumors with conjugated antibody A5B7 and a prodrug patent, US-6145051-A: Moving sectors within a block of information in a flash memory mass storage architecture patent, US-6740384-B2: Recording media having protective overcoats of highly tetrahedral amorphous carbon and methods for their production patent, US-5660829-A: Process for antibody directed enzyme prodrug therapy patent, US-5999317-A: Toy mirror with transmissive image mode patent, US-6515197-B1: Transgenic mouse expressing a polynucleotide encoding a human ataxin-2 polypeptide patent, US-541658-A: John j patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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